Thursday, September 13, 2007

Updating the blog...

Hey all,
I just want to inform you that you might find this page to be offline for the next couple days. I will redesigne the whole blog and finaly switch to Wordpress.
So stay tuned for the new look and feel of

You can find the blog temporarly at this adress:
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Online Niche Marketing for Beginners

There are many benefit of niche marketing but there are also many people who claimed that pursuing ones niche would give you a lot of headaches. However, with the advent of the Internet you may find out that you have more market for your niche idea than you though possible. You must be warned though, that even before you are able to reap the results that you are expecting, and you might go through a lot of difficulties first. Nevertheless, all the efforts would be worth it in the end.

Marketing what you like
One reality that you have to believe in is that it is really possible to earn a lot of money online. This has been proven by people who have been doing business by selling products over the Internet. A very effective income generating tool over the net would be your blog which you could have it hosted by your own website. This blog of yours serves as a constant moneymaking tool, other than its usual purpose in being one of your means where you could pour out your thoughts.

With the fact that you can put in anything that you want, this would also be the best channel for you to divulge to the public what your niche is. Having a good content is the concept of niche marketing. Either you write things for yourself or you have some good articles completed for you. After being able to create a good content you may now proceed with the development of your blog's promotion.

This may appear to be complicated but the only means for you to succeed in this area is when you give yourself the freedom to tackle the things that you really love. You may write about any subject wherein you think you have advanced knowledge in and that serves as your niche.
Some people claimed that being known as a credible writer is the secret to the success of niche marketing; you need not worry because the very essence for you to gain your audience's trust is to have impeccable and reliable facts included on your site.

As you refine and acquire your skills regarding your niche, you would be surprised that your knowledge is starting to expand more than what you originally expected. By this point, you would be aware know the things that your audience really want to know so that in due time you'd be able to satisfy their curiosity and your blog's popularity will also starts to grow along with the money you have initially invested. As you can see, there is really nothing you should be afraid of in niche marketing, the key is being confident enough in your niche and do every promotion possible to let others know about it.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Projecting an Image of Leadership

Being a leader is a difficult task especially if you are given responsibilities you have never handled before. But even before you start in your new position people around you are probably already judging your capability on the way you look and even in the way your talk. So it is important to be conscious of your actions when you are new to the position and project an image of a capable and effective leader. So how would you do this? Here are simply ways that will enable you to get the respect of your subordinates and the recognition you deserve.

The first tip is to lead the organization by becoming a good example. This means that you need to be as hard-working as your employees if not more in order to get their respect. You can also demonstrate your dedication by always being early when you go to the office in the morning and go home only after most people already left. Leadership can also be exemplified by taking risks and making effective decisions that will be for the entire organization.

Then it is also recommended that you speak as little as necessary during a meeting or a conference. This is because it is more important to listen to the issues that are being raised instead of giving your opinion all the time. There are cases when some leaders have the misconception that being smart means they have to talk as much as possible. But as you grow older, you will realize that the smartest people are usually those that speak little but whose words carry a lot of weight.

The third tip is for you to ask questions because this will enable you to know the problems and issues that confront your subordinates. This will prevent discontent in the organization and ensures that the operation will flow as smoothly as possible. Asking questions will also enable leaders to have a chance to know the root causes of some problems so that they will be able to fix these problems and avoid it in the future.

Then the last most important thing that leaders should do is to make decisions that are firm and bold. If a leader makes a decision then it is recommended that he stick to it unless when it reaches a point when the risks become too high to tolerate. Imaging a general in a war who orders his troop to attack and midway to the attack he suddenly makes a decision to retreat even before they encounter the enemy. This makes the general look weak and indecisive. So in line with this, it is important to consider all decisions thoroughly even at the start to mistakes and failures.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leads & GDI does it work?

Hey all here for a small update...
I started a new experiment yesterday, I bought some(well its 15k) GDI relevant leads from a well known distributor for 13.50$. They are aged autoresponder leads (15-45days old) but should do well for my purpose. Since they will only be sold twice but never for the same program.

So what I do now is parse them into the GDI Invite Tool and look how much response I will get. I just send out some invites and already got 4 people responding to them. So far not a bad result for such a small investment. Lets see if they will result in some sales :D

Opportunity for new GDI 3in7 Members:
Since I got such a huge number of leads I am looking for some people that want to get involved with GDI and want some kick-start for there advertisement. You get all the benefits of being a 3in7 member plus full start up guidance from me, a very help full and responsive upline and to make this offer really hot I add 300 leads that you can use exclusive for your GDI promotion. You can invite 100 people every day to take a look at GDI so thats enough for 3 days!
Interested? Just leave a comment or join GDI with the 3in7 Team.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pownce reached mlm4life

I got my hands on a pownce account and with it come 6 invites for friends. If you want one, please leave a comment with you e-mail adress and I drop you a Invite.
If you dont know what Pownce is, its the next generation of twitter. It is a mix of instant blogging, agenda and IM. I didnt spend much time on figuring out all about it so just visit the Pownce website


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Global Domains International Accepts now PayPal

Wow, must be GDI new feature month. After joining the DSA and allowing all comon domain extensions GDI accpets now the very popular payment processor paypal. This means: No mor need for a creditcard to pay your monthly fee. This opens the business to a even larger number of customer. Great addition, thank you GDI team!

Below is the full publicrelease:

We're pleased to announce another big improvement our customers have been
asking for!

Customers now have the ability to pay using PayPal. People are no
longer required to have a major credit card to be a customer. PayPal is the
world's largest, most trusted, alternative online payment provider. PayPal also
offers an easy way to pay using a checking account for those who do not have
debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo on them.
Stay tuned as more
exciting improvements continue to launch!

Kindest Regards,
The .WS Support Team

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you need a Internet Marketing C(o)urse?

Hey guys, this is going to be a hate post because I am so pissed about all those I got the ultimate SEO strategy – get it now for just xxx$!!!!! idiots.

Everyday you brows the net on marketing topics you find a new Internet Marketing Course some are free I support this and really appreciate it, other from so called marketing gods shall cost 200$ or even more.

This post is about those guys who try to rip-off hard earned money from you for nothing but bullshit. Yes I talk about those self proclaimed “Online Marketing Gurus” that got a blog setup, bought some ghost written articles to publish and think now since they got some Technorati ranking that they are an AUTHORITY and can sell “Professional Online Marketing Training” to noobs. They proclaim they have found the Holy Grail of marketing, how to make instant big money, but what they offer is just some pimped ideas you can find with rudimentary Google skills.

Here is an actual listing what you will learn at a Course you can join for just 3xx$.
- how to use Googel AdWords and beat your competition.
- Learn the secrets of SEO- Establish you as an Authority in your Niche
- Use Social Media Tools to get unlimited free backlinks
- Publish a blog
- Use forums for marketing
And of course you get some useless course materials like a DVD.

Lets get this done, you get now a full SEO GURU HYPER MEGA MARKETING COURSE…

How to dominate AdWords – Or ways to waste a lot of moneyGo to google, enter the Term “AdWords” and you got all you need. - TBH you don’t need Adwords at all to get your page running.

Learn the Secrets of SEO – what a secret? The never told before secrets of …Creating a robot.txt? Putting keywords into your metatags? Writing a description? Building Backlinks? Writing Keyword sensitive Articles? Having unique content?

Establish you as an Authority in your Niche – How Innovative…Well, write Articles submit them to well known Directories and wait till they get picked up by a E-Zine, don’t forget to Digg your Articles. Join some niche related forums and make useful posts.

Social Media for backlinks – OMG, this is truly new! Social Media, WEB 2.0 the future is you…You don’t know Digg, MyBlogLog, Stumbleupon, Blinkbits etc? Google them, nothing is easier this dosent need any explanation at all. If you don’t have the friends to get publicity there are always some exchanges.

Publish a Blog – Never done before. ROFLYou don’t have a blog? There are so many sources to get a free one like blogspot or wordpress. If you don’t know what a blog is – you are reading one…!

Use forums for marketing - Now this is the hottest thing… I think I bloged about it in February :PYou can use Google? You know what a forum is? You know how to setup a link? You are good to go.

Congratulation, you are now a Marketing GURU!

Before you ask, no, I don’t hate people that are selling there know-how or have a legit. Expert business, I just hate people who sell shit. And the shit I am talking about is obviously not even worth more then 2Cents. You can get all this knowledge for free anywhere on the net or figure it out on your own. Scams shall not be rewarded.

Thanks for reading it even if you don’t like it. I just had to say it.


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